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Something for everyone:

Stuck? Struggling to manage the work life balance? Getting overwhelmed, stressed, experiencing too much pressure? Juggling too many things at once, and not doing justice to any of them? Getting disorganized, double booking yourself or forgetting commitments, attending so many meetings that you can’t get your important work done? Do you have to-do lists that just get longer every day and make you feel worse? Facing difficult and challenging situations or people at work or at home, and you feel you should be able to handle these better? And how’s your health these days ... another of those things that you will pay more attention to when you have time?

Why not try our Personal Effectiveness Materials?

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This will help you to nail down exactly what SUCCESS means to you. There are three parts to this – try them all for best results, but if you have limited time (of course!) then pick the one you feel suits you best. If you subscribe, we will send you updates as new materials and learning activities are added to the site. Come back regularly!

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Something for leaders:

Something for leaders Problems with motivating your team and getting great performance from them? Are you so busy dealing with the day to day detail and with things that are going wrong that you can’t see the wood for the trees? Are you struggling to make space to look ahead and think strategically? Is too much time and energy getting wasted on conflict? Frustrated by the negative attitudes around you? Do you need to get your people stepping up, taking more responsibility, and relying on you less? Want to learn how to create a positive, motivational, learning environment where the team openly share feedback and suggestions?

Why not try our Leadership Materials?

Then try our Leadership ProgrammeGet these free materials to get you started – if you register on our site by scrolling to the foot of this page, you will be able to get a pre-assessment of your leadership skills. This will give you big hints about what you need to pay more attention to if you are going to make your life easier, while your team gets going!

On this site I aim to add articles and materials on about 30 leadership topics focusing on a range of Leadership and Management skills, including developing vision and direction, creating a motivational environment, leading change, communication skills, coaching others to achieve greater potential, dealing with feedback, working with difficult people, asserting, managing performance, delegating, decision making, provoking new thinking, developing teams, and more. And how about meetings that work while not dominating your working life? Come back regularly, or subscribe to get our updates, to pick up tips that make a real difference to managers and leaders!

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Something for professional/executive women:

Something for professional/executive womenHitting the glass ceiling? Or ... probably more likely ... are you the one holding yourself back? Do you (or your company) tend to undervalue your contribution or performance, and so you tell yourself that you’re not ready to take the next step yet? Struggling to balance career, family, health and other commitments? Do you really know what your strengths are, and what you need to work on to develop further? Do you tend to feel isolated, outnumbered, and dis-empowered?


Why not try our Glass Ceilings & Sticky Floors Programme?

Then try our Glass Ceilings & Sticky Floors ProgrammeFirst, Click here to be able to download this fascinating report ‘Leadership Through the Crisis and Beyond’ (McKinsey, late 2009) to learn some surprising and heartening facts about the growing bottom line value of women in senior leadership positions. Subscribe to our updates and bulletins to hear about articles, mentoring services and courses aimed at making a real difference to women who intend to change the face of corporate leadership by stepping up into senior positions.

These materials will also be valuable to anyone who believes that we should be developing far greater diversity in the leadership of any organisation.

Anything else?

We will (with your permission) send you new thought provokers, ideas, and uplifting stories on a regular basis. You ought to look forward to hearing from us – your regular mind & spirit booster! We will be creating a forum to help develop a collaborative, win/win community. And if that's not enough - through this site we can also direct you to other resources that may be relevant to you, either online, or perhaps to a book, or to a human being who can coach you or your team through your challenges towards success.

Get the ideas you need at the time that you need them, at your own pace, in your own chosen environment. You are in control, unlike most training courses!

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